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Crazy Beans

Fruit flavoured dragee

Art.nr: #253922
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Sugar, glucose syrup, water, modified maize starch, acids (malic acid, fumaric acid, citric acid), flavourings, glazing agents (shellac, beeswax, carnauba wax), coconut oil, fruit- and plant concentrates (apple, spirulina, safflower, carrot, black currant, nettle, spinach, turmeric), colours (curcumin, carmines, patent blue V, indigo carmine, brilliant blue FCF, plain caramel, sulphite ammonia caramel, vegetable carbon, titanium dioxide). May contain traces of soya and wheat.

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Energy (kcal / 100g) 380
Fat (g / 100g) 0
- Of which saturated (g / 100g) 0
Carbohydrate (g / 100g) 94
- Of which sugars (g / 100g) 77
Protein (g / 100g) 0
Salt (g / 100g) <0,1

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