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Fizzy Beetles

Sour fruit flavoured jelly

Art.nr: #254513


Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, gelatine (pork), acid (malic acid, acetic acid), acidity regulator (sodium malates ), natural lemon flavouring, natural flavourings, concentrate (sweet potato, carrot, spirulina, safflower), colours (plain caramel, curcumin). The mixture’s composition may vary.

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Energy (kcal / 100g) 335
Fat (g / 100g) 0,0
- Of which saturated (g / 100g) 0,0
Carbohydrate (g / 100g) 78,0
- Of which sugars (g / 100g) 72,0
Protein (g / 100g) 4,1
Salt (g / 100g) 0,27

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